Lo ajeno y lo propioLo ajeno y lo propio

The foreign and the own

Facing a globalized world where we live, everything gets mixed up and confusing. In this uncontrolled acceleration, sometimes, amazing new paths appear. The contemporary artist these days acquires a global vision of the current world and acts or must act according to it. In this case territory boundaries, whether they are physical or ideological, do not affect in a direct way on the own artistic realization. The artist does not identify himself with a concrete place. He apprehends he can work from/for the Local as well as from/for the Global or/and both. Thus, the artistic production presents itself as a field of unlimited exploration.
Enrichment through travels, the comings and goings, Lo Ajeno y Lo Propio, The Foreign and The Own, does make sense in a time when the artist is a nomad being who does not put down roots anywhere. In this way, the technological era we live creates, furthermore, a greater dispersion of concentration and attention that is required for making an artistic project; therefore, obliged adaptation and migratory movement take part now in the creators’ lives.

Ante el mundo globalizado en el que vivimos, todo se mezcla y se confunde. En esta aceleración incontrolada, en ocasiones, surgen nuevos caminos maravillosos. El Artista Contemporáneo adquiere en estos días una visión global del mundo actual y actúa o debiera actuar a partir del mismo. En este caso, las fronteras territoriales, ya sean estas físicas o ideológicas, no afectan de manera directa en la propia realización artística. El artista ya no se identifica con un lugar en concreto. Aprehende que puede trabajar tanto desde/para lo Local como desde/para lo Global o/y ambas. De esta manera, la producción artística se presenta como  un terreno de ilimitada exploración.
El enriquecimiento a través de viajes, de las idas y venidas, Lo Ajeno y Lo Propio cobra un gran sentido en una época en la que, el artista es un ser nómada que carece de cualquier arraigo. En este sentido, la era tecnológica en la que vivimos, provoca además  una mayor dispersión para la concentración y la atención que requiere el poder llevar a cabo un proyecto artístico; por consiguiente, la adaptación obligada y el movimiento migratorio forma ahora parte de las vidas de los creadores.

Interview with Rosa Fernandez Gomez, CAC, Malaga (Spain)

Entrevista a Rosa Fernández Gómez, CAC, Málaga (España)

Interview with Ramiro Calle in his studio, Madrid (Spain)

Entrevista a Ramiro Calle en su estudio, Madrid (España).

Interview with Jose Freixanes, University of Granada (Spain)

Entrevista a José Freixanes, Universidad de Granada (España)

Interviews with Susana Sanz Gimenez and Eva Fernandez del Campo Barbadillo, The Complutense University of Madrid (Spain)

Entrevistas a Susana Sanz Giménez y Eva Fernández del Campo Barbadillo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (España)






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statement + resume

My projects show a search for the raise of awareness of aspects that as far as I am concerned are problematic in our society. My work is connected to social environment, both political and anthropological.

I am interested in how we experience, think about and represent countries, and how people perceive and describe the spaces in which they live. My practice encompasses painting, drawing, photography,installation, site- specific and filmmaking.

My aim is that my projects grow in a collective way and I look for collaborations together with specialized people in the studied topic. My last reflexions that I show are focused on the different vital states that are created when we keep moving. Travelling from one geographic place to another and leaving our known environment and how nowadays hegemony plays everywhere.

I believe that, by providing alternative perspectives about life, art can be an agent of change. Those new perspectives, rather than the transmission of just one message, are what I look for with my work. Whether it’s my body or my objects, what I put out there among people always intends to be and subject of particular significance to every person that experiences it. The use of social convention and interpersonal codes is a very delicate task; they can touch us deeply and in many different ways. That’s where my strong commitment to the study of these matters comes from.