Ejercicio de Situación 1.1Ejercicio de Situación 1.1

Situation Exercise 1.1
Ejercicio de situacion

In the year 2013 a trip around Morocco is taken during a week, from Tangier to Merzouga (desert gate). During the journey a video is filmed as a documentary. Later in 2016, a study is carried out through memory of the known culture. As a result, Ejercicio de Situación 1.1, Situation Exercise 1.1, intends to sump up the sensations lived in such trip through visual media. Besides, the presence of a post card as a memory of the known. The QR printed on it shows you the specific place of the Exercise. This project is not finished yet because it is the first (1.1) in a series of known places for the artist.

En el año 2013 se realiza un recorrido durante una semana por Marruecos desde Tánger hasta Merzouga (Puerta del Desierto). Durante el trayecto se filma un vídeo a modo de documental. 
Posteriormente en el 2016, se lleva a cabo un estudio a través del recuerdo y la memoria de la cultura conocida. Como resultado, Ejercicio de Situación 1.1 intenta resumir mediante el medio visual las sensaciones vividas en dicho viaje. Además, la presencia de una postal como recuerdo de lo conocido. El QR aparecido en esta,  te muestra el lugar específico del Ejercicio. Este proyecto no se ha finalizado ya que es el primero (1.1) de una serie de lugares conocidos por la artista.






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statement + resume

My projects show a search for the raise of awareness of aspects that as far as I am concerned are problematic in our society. My work is connected to social environment, both political and anthropological.

I am interested in how we experience, think about and represent countries, and how people perceive and describe the spaces in which they live. My practice encompasses painting, drawing, photography,installation, site- specific and filmmaking.

My aim is that my projects grow in a collective way and I look for collaborations together with specialized people in the studied topic. My last reflexions that I show are focused on the different vital states that are created when we keep moving. Travelling from one geographic place to another and leaving our known environment and how nowadays hegemony plays everywhere.

I believe that, by providing alternative perspectives about life, art can be an agent of change. Those new perspectives, rather than the transmission of just one message, are what I look for with my work. Whether it’s my body or my objects, what I put out there among people always intends to be and subject of particular significance to every person that experiences it. The use of social convention and interpersonal codes is a very delicate task; they can touch us deeply and in many different ways. That’s where my strong commitment to the study of these matters comes from.